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6 key benefits of the James Hall and SalesOut partnership for FMCG suppliers

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Thanks to this exciting new partnership, James Hall sales data is now available to FMCG suppliers for the very first time, enabling you to interrogate Shipment performance metrics in detail.

For the benefit of newcomers to this sector, James Hall is an award-winning family business that operates as the primary wholesaler to SPAR retailers throughout the north. They also own many other manufacturing and non-food businesses and are one of the country’s largest employers. Operating across around 640 stores, James Hall has a reputation for operational excellence.

James Hall joins SalesOut’s existing SPAR data partner portfolio of AF Blakemore and Appleby Westward - bringing SalesOut’s coverage of SPAR operations in England and Wales to 100%.

To help you understand how this new offering can help your business, here are the six key benefits you can look forward to:

Understand important trends before your rivals

Keeping on top of how your market share, product portfolio and the wider category is performing over time will help you and your team stay ahead of the competition as the wider market continues to hit uncertain times due to the ongoing issues caused by the pandemic.

The data will give you the full picture of how your products, categories and competitors are performing. This, in turn, will lead to you making better decisions based on hard facts rather than just assumptions.

Find out which of your promotions are working best

Our dedicated tools will help you understand the effectiveness of your promotions at a deeper level. This will help you manage margins effectively and tailor all your future campaigns to achieve increased success.

The transparency in the data will also mean you are able to manage your relationship with your James Hall buyer more effectively too – ensuring promotional success for both parties.

Go granular with data

Unify, our industry-leading data insight platform, makes your data analysis quick and easy so you can visualise, enhance and centralise data for your own business needs, including Channel and Sector performance. The platform gives you the opportunity to view performance across three distinct customer operations in James Hall: Company Owned stores, Focus Partners and Independents.

Such a level of detail means you can tailor your approach to these customers, saving you both time and money. This comprehensive provision of data will provide users with a truer and deeper understanding of how their products, categories and competitors are performing.

Know what’s going on in your category

Understanding the health of your category is vital as you decide how to move forward with your selling strategy in James Hall. To help you with this, we provide a vast range of category reporting to help you gauge where your SKUs sit within the bigger picture. Better still, access to named competitor data, as standard, means you’ll always know who’s setting the pace within the category and who’s lagging behind.

Easily track core ranges

Our Core Range reporting allows you to achieve an easy-to-understand view of how the biggest drivers of revenue for your business are performing. This gives you the opportunity to delve down to SKU level and fully control the composition of your core range, allowing you to make the necessary data-driven business decisions to ensure ongoing success.

Keep on top of SKU tracking

Unify enables you to overlay named SKU performance within the data and this gives your team the platform they need to enhance the performance of your business within James Hall. By combining this level of detail with other metrics, including Channel and Sector performance, you can take a highly targeted approach to manage the visibility of your products out in the field and increase revenues as a result.

Those are the key benefits of this new partnership and it’s also worth mentioning that, with the rollout of data onto Unify, both the James Hall team and FMCG clients will have SalesOut’s expert advisors on hand to fully support them in their data analytics journey.
You’ll also appreciate the fact that our Unify platform allows all users to export data directly into Excel and Powerpoint – saving you time and effort when it comes to presenting information back to your business.

If you’d like to find out more about what Unify could do for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team who will be delighted to help in any way they can.

Published 5 December, 2021

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