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Crunching the numbers for Crisps Snacks and Nut sales

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The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down and the disruption that has gone with it has had a significant impact on sales for many categories within FMCG. Some products like dried pasta have benefitted, while many others have noticed a fall in sales.

Often, the trends are easy to predict. Like, for example, the significant rise in Alcohol sales from Convenience stores during the lockdown, while others can possibly catch you by surprise.

OneView gives you all the answers

How would you imagine Crisps Snacks and Nuts (CSN) have fared this year? Well, thanks to the OneView data platform from SaleOut, you don’t have to guess the answer. All the figures for the year to date (YtD) and the last four weeks are instantly available for you to see. As some regions go back into lockdown again, OneView’s postcode data can provide you with up-to-date insight to help you plan, track and react at the most granular local level.

So, what does the OneView data tell us about the performance of the CSN category in 2020? Well, having started the year strongly, sales were hampered by the government initiatives put into place to combat the spread of the virus. With people not going to work, not going to events and not able to go to the pub, sales went down.

Spot the regional differences

Study the OneView data and there are all kinds of interesting learnings to be had. CSN is having less impact than other categories in the East Midlands and South West, for example.

The category is performing far better in hospitality compared with ‘cost’ sector outlets in Foodservice. And nuts have by far the best year-on-year and period-on-period performance, but only in Retail

Retail sales up +5.3%.

Even though many Foodservice sectors have now reopened, CSN is seeing a year-on-year shortfall of more than a third. Retail sales may be up by +5.3%, but many other categories have performed far better in Retail during the pandemic.

As if Covid restrictions aren’t challenging enough, there’s another threat on the horizon that is sure to have further impact on the CSN category. That’s the introduction of further limitations on advertising and promotions for products within the category. Being more Retail focused, Snacks are more likely to suffer from the tighter new advertising regulations than Crisps.

See the trends unfolding

Who knows what lies in wait for the CSN category around the next corner? With the unpredictable nature of the marketplace right now, the more up-to-date data you have at your fingertips, the better-informed your decisions will be. Fact-based insight enables you to plan ahead to take advantage of the opportunities and address the challenges.

If you’re keen to cast an eye over the stats and figures behind some of these findings to give you a better understanding of the current trends in the CSN category, take a look at this report compiled from OneView data.

Published 5 October, 2021

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